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  1. Awesome, thanks so much! Is there any chance you also know why the content jumps around when loading the page? Desktop 2020.03.23 -
  2. Site URL: https://magenta-deer-7f8y.squarespace.com/films/behindcloseddoors Hey! I'd like to reduce the height of the header, or the bottom margin I think? I'll attach an image below. There's currently much more spacing than i'd like, and as a result a lot of unused space. Any ideas? Site pass: 1234
  3. Site URL: https://magenta-deer-7f8y.squarespace.com/home Hi, I'd like to make the website logo invisible on the home page. Is this possible? The wesbite password is 1234 Cheers, Isaac
  4. Awesome, thanks man! Is there any way to do this site wide?
  5. Sorry about that, here you go: https://magenta-deer-7f8y.squarespace.com/films/thefamilysecret
  6. Hey, yeah here you go! https://magenta-deer-7f8y.squarespace.com/config/pages pass:1234
  7. Hi, I've added a horizontal rule underneath one of my subheadings but it's not spanning the entire width of the text box. The text is in a markdown. Is it possible to correct this? I've attached an example.
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