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  1. Hi I have a CSS script that rotates 6 different words into a code block. The issue is it isn't mobile responsive. I have a strong feeling it is difficult because one of the words that rotates in is too long. So as a suggestion, could someone provide a tweak to this so that it displays in a fixed size in mobile. I can just tweak the size until I can get all the words in. I believe I just need to update my code block info: Here is the code block ------------- <h3> <span>Find</span> <div class="rotating-words rotating-words-1"> <span&
  2. @JOHNMD Thank you this worked for me. @tuanphan Thank you for checking in, appreciate you.
  3. Hi I need help modifying my current css code so that Heading 2 is set to center or will at least allow me to center it without css. This is my current code: h2 { display: inline-block !important; box-shadow: inset 0 -0.18em 0 #51F5C1; -webkit-box-shadow: inset 0 -0.18em 0 #ea1d26; } I need the the underlined word "Explore" to move to the center of the page. I would prefer that I be able to use the native align functionality in Squarespace however this will default to left align no matter what I do.
  4. Good morning everyone! Does anyone have a CSS script to produce a full bleed slideshow banner? According to this link the "Moksha" template (brine family) should have slideshow settings show up in site styles but I do not see it, am I missing something? https://christyprice.com/squarespace-tips-tricks/full-bleed-slideshow @christyprice
  5. Appreciate @tuanphan! Looking forward to your reply.
  6. Thanks for your reply. However per my original post, font awesome is not viable because it requires a code injection and this is a personal plan and not business plan website. Your recommendation requires a code injection of the CDN code in order for it to work.
  7. Issue: I need to be able to link multiple social icons such as Instagram and Facebook etc to point to various outside social profiles. Using the built-in social link is not an option. Social icon images must left align with little padding. Please note that this for a personal plan website so there is no ability to do a code injection. I know there are posts out there suggesting using Font awesome etc. but in this case that is not a viable route. It looks like I may have to use a code block with HTML? Can someone provide example code to align the two image icons I have in the attache
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