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  1. Are you able to access it now? The pages I would like to change the background on are non-index pages, SHOP and CONTACT. I have recently upgraded the account to business level. https://magenta-tunny-l2rb.squarespace.com temp2020 The site I'm working on can't be published yet. Is there a way I can s
  2. Site URL: https://magenta-tunny-l2rb.squarespace.com Is it possible to customize the non-index pages in Tremont 7.0? I'm using the template's "shop" "contact" and "events" pages, but would like to have a background image bleed through instead of a solid color as the background. Thank you ! This site has not been published yet, so I only have a temp link to show.
  3. Site URL: https://magenta-tunny-l2rb.squarespace.com I'm using Tremont 7.0. Is it possible to have a video background in full bleed across the footer section? with text over it? I have not published this site yet, still working on it.
  4. Site URL: https://magenta-tunny-l2rb.squarespace.com Is it possible to use moving video as a background on one of my site pages where I'm using the Tremont 7.0 template. It would be for a Non-Indexed page. If so, how do I make it the background, then layer images and/or text over it? Thanks --
  5. thanks! that helped me. this is going to be a business account eventually, so it should work out fine.
  6. Site URL: https://magenta-tunny-l2rb.squarespace.com/config/pages I'm designing a new page working with the Tremont template. (7.0) It's not live yet, but I have a screen grab below. What I'm trying to do is to add a pop-up of text to the main landing page, above the three options that lead to the sub-directory pages. (drink,eat, visit). The pop-up would only be temporary, just to explain covid-related info. I would want to be able to remove it later. Is this possible? and how can I do it? Thanks in advance!
  7. I've already redesigned the home page for my Tremont 7.0 template. But I'd like to add a footer to the home page. How can I do it? When I click edit, there doesn't seem to be any option for it.
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