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  1. how difficult would it be to move to the bottom? Do you think we should look into switching templates? thanks for all advice so far.
  2. here's a screenshot of what they look like, Ill also leave tags on for now but we really don't like them up there. on the template they call it priamry and secondary blog metadata. the Primary is the date, which we like. the second is tags. https://www.afterglowatx.com/blog/2020/3/8/musical-intimations-to-timid-reflections-the-soundtrack-to-parasite
  3. Site URL: https://afterglowatx.com for our site we made the constraints of the blog post's body copy a lot more centralized and larger for legibility. It looks great! But, there does not seem to be a function where I can mess with the margins/padding of the headline to push it more in. I know how to do that with code, however when I do code it it's not responsive and looks gross at any wrong width of a computer window. I was wondering if there is an easier way to move it over than go to code. and before y'all ask, we don't want to do center aligned, we prefer left. (also center
  4. Site URL: https://afterglowatx.com We want to display our tags at the bottom of our blog posts only. it seems that my template lets us show the tags, but they show up at top with the headline. Would prefer it to be on the footer. I looked into the cloud tag block but it showed tags from every post we've ever made and not just the specific post. also the layout and display of the cloud tags were gross. Im not sure if you can change their appearance. afterglowatx.com is the site. I've hidden the tags for now since it looks gross at the top.
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