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  1. As kale pointed out there is really no easy way to stop someone from digitally lifting your photos. Even the most basic "screen print" function works. In addition to watermarks and lower quality images, I would suggest a combination of both with real images being for sale or behind a password-protected site. This does not eliminate the problem but it does minimize it. Hope this helps!
  2. You can also add jQuery to your site via Settings > Code Injection > Header. Then place the following into it: <script src="//ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1/jquery.min.js"></script> Putting this into your site on Squarespace will allow you to use jQuery on your site. It can also be placed on individual pages if you so need it. Also remember that if you use JavaScript files, images, and CSS they all have to be placed appropriately on your site. For Squarespace that is straightforward if perhaps a bit confusing. JavaScript files, images, etc.: These should be created as links referencing files that can be dragged and dropped into the Link widget of the Content Creator. When you have done that it make certain to note the URL which will be something like /s/myfile.js or something. CSS is best placed onto the individual page. If it is site wide you can add it to your code injection as a reference. Make certain to check via browser inspector to insure that your external reference is not running into errors such as not being found and what not. Once you have all the elements in place you can then reference them via Code Block within your page. Brief instructions on how to add jQuery on my site. Hope this helps!
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