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  1. @tuanphan I have a similar issue on 7.1. I have a text section (bottom-aligned), with a Gallery Grid of logos below it. What is the best way to close the padding between these two sections? Should I remove the bottom padding of the text section, or remove padding from the Gallery Grid. How would you tackle with CSS? Site page is: https://themontgomerycode.com/
  2. @tuanphan Thanks so much! I really appreciate the help. You rock!
  3. @tuanphan Thanks so much! I will keep you in mind when we need expert help. I would like to target the header social icons.
  4. https://themontgomerycode.com/ Thanks so much! Lunch on me, @tuanphan
  5. @tuanphan Hi! Is there a similar solution that you have determined for doing this in Squarespace 7.1? Here is the subject site: https://themontgomerycode.com/
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