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  1. Thank you, except many of these links no longer work. Can you send me the link to your post from Nov. 2018
  2. OK, can you suggest any other platforms that people use for calendar booking on your sites?
  3. Site URL: http://www.campokaruna.com Hi, I am wanting to switch over to Squarespace from a Wordpress site and I need to know if I can use my current calendar booking app with it. It is called Pinpoint booking system. It is a wordpress add-on or extension. Please advise so I can finish my site design and change to a paid site. Thank you!
  4. I also am trying out Squarespace to see if it fits what I am doing. As an Airbnb operation, I need to use a booking/calendar system like Pinpoint booking system. Is this possible? Thank you!
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