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  1. Amazing!! It worked perfect 🙌 Seriously thank you so much 🙌
  2. Thanks, It works when the header is at the top but when you scroll down it changes back to white https://besquared-probike.squarespace.com/hjulsett/s35/275-carbon-logo
  3. Thanks 🙂 https://besquared-probike.squarespace.com/hjulsett/s35/275-carbon-logo password: besquared
  4. Can anyone help me I would like the site header to be black on the product item page (picture of the wheels) and the page background to be white, but I cant seem to figure it out 😞. I can either make both of them white or both black -_- its on Squarespace 7.1 The rest of the site I have managed to make the header black.
  5. https://besquared-probike.squarespace.com/hjulsett/s35/275-carbon-logo here you can see the white header
  6. Site URL: https://besquared-probike.squarespace.com/ Am I blind? I cant seem to find how to change the colour of the header on the product pages. I want the site header to black but the background to be white 🤞 I have done it for rest of the site by following this But I cant find how to change a section colour for the product page without making the background black too. The sites password is: besquared
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