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  1. The solution I found was simply going to the page in question and start making edits and save as “draft”, if I need to come back to it without disturbing the present page that is currently live. This draft now becomes a new revision (a copy with new changes I’m making) until I perfect it and decide to “Publish” the page. When I decide to publish the new draft with the new changes it then replaces the old page with the new edits I made on the page. This just works out fabulous and is very intuitive of how a writer or a designer actually works efficiently.* *To enable this feature that is a cornerstone of following a “best practice” for professional publishing or creation tools, one simply just has to log out of their Squarespace Developer account and log back onto their own hosted WordPress. This solution is quicker then trying to make one edit in the Squarespace platform with the added benefit of having all the current CSS responsive templates of Squarespace plus unrestricted options to add applications, media and frameworks such as Bootstrap or any design you desire.
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