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  1. So sorry for the late reply, my auto alert was turned off. My screen size is 2880 x 1800, MacBook basically but I will check some other monitors
  2. Hi Tuanphan! Can you help me with mine: http://be4media.com Thank you so much!!!
  3. Site URL: http://be4media.com/#/motion/ Hello everyone! I know there is a solution out there and have searched and read some cool css codes but can not seem to apply it to this application. I would like the image gallery to either resize or scale with different display sizes or just increase the maximum with from 1200 to at least 1600. The issue is that the gallery does not center to most displays I have seen, it move justified left, even if it were just centered I would be happy. Any help would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time. cheers ed
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