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  1. Site URL: https://www.aabenbryg.com I would like to change the background colour for two specific pages. I've tried to add different CSS code (found from other threads in here) to each page's Advanced setting. However, it overrides the custom CSS for the whole site in a way, that the whole sites' background changes to the page's colours. Depending on how you navigate the site, the background colour switches between the correct site-wide background colour, and the two customised background colours. As an example, if you from the homepage clicks on 'ÅBEN' and then navigates to 'Aarhus Bar' from top navigation, the background colour is light grey. If you then refresh the page, it turns into the correct background colour. From here going to any other page on the site, will then have the same dark background colour - until you once again refresh the page, and then it will again turn into the light grey background colour. What we want is to have the site wide background colour to be: hsl(46, 7%, 94%) (which is selected in the design - site styles panel) 1. On this site (and only this site): https://www.aabenbryg.com/aarhus-bar we want: #a69579 (both header and content) 2. On this site (and only this site): https://www.aabenbryg.com/pop-up-bar we want: #fcbd1b (both header and content) Any advice on how to do this? Thanks
  2. Hi there. I have a question about this too. Can i add a banner photo on the shopping cart page. Now it looks like Laura's banner is just filled with a color? It is required by Danish law that I add a photo made by the government to say that you can only buy alcohol if you are above a certain age. Attached is the photo I would like to add on the shopping cart page. I really hope you can help me.
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