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  1. Thanks, Tuanphan. Quick question, if I try this and don't like how it works, does this Custom CSS still show in the CSS Editor so that I can remove it? I couldn't find an article anywhere about removing Custom CSS if you don't like what it does. With all the "warnings" about using Custom CSS, I didn't want to break my entire template/site by putting in Custom CSS only to find out I didn't like what it did. Thanks!
  2. Site URL: https://www.votewaltersmith.org Password: givewalteryourV For the nav menu item Issues, there are a number of submenu items and they display fine on a PC. When I view the site on a mobile device, the submenu text is so big that the list gets truncated. Also, the submenu text doesn't even display when the phone is held horizontally. Is there a way to reduce the submenu text size for just mobile and have it at least display the full list in vertical mode on a phone? Thanks!
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