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  1. Hi tuanphan I am having the same issue with a product on our contact page. I have tried to same code and it has not helped. Using Mozillas code inspector I see that the class is .variant-select-wrapper and have changed the code to <style> .variant-select-wrapper .field-list .field select {color: #171717;} </style> But again it has not helped. Here is the link to the page. https://www.jerichoroad.ca/contact-us Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. Site URL: https://www.jerichoroad.ca/admission Seeking help on changing the font colour of the drop-down select, as the default font colour does not contrast with the form background. I have perused the internet to find this code but it is not working. .form-wrapper .field-list .field select { color: #171717; } What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions? I have placed this code in the header injection of the page the form is on.
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