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  1. Hi, I'm very much a newbie to this, and I was hoping someone could clarify some (probably rudimentary) things... What does it mean to upload the latest jquery.js file to my site? Also, how would I write the html for my logo? I currently have it saved as a jpg. Any light you can shed on this would be appreciated.Thanks!
  2. I'd like to change the logo on two pages of my site. Specifically, I want to change the logo on this page http://jolenetaschner.com/ceramics to say Ceramics rather than Photography, and possibly change it to say Blog rather than Photography on this page too: http://jolenetaschner.com/blog/. Is this something that can be done? (Ideally, can it be done easily, since I know nothing about writing code?)Thanks in advance for your help!Jolene
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