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  1. Can't say that I have. Ended up having the client authorize a new site with a new domain. Super unfortunate.
  2. Hi all. I can't seem to find this question anywhere on the Circle forums. Hoping someone can help. I have a client who has a Squarespace site built by another designer. They have terminated their contract with that designer and hired me to redesign their website and fix some things their previous designer did. The only problem is the previous designer holds all the login credentials and is listed as the official Owner of the site, however it is paid for by my client. All attempts to contact the previous designer to obtain the login credentials and Ownership have proven unsuccessful (
  3. So so helpful. Thank you so much!
  4. Totally. Thank you! Here's the nuts & bolts: my client is selling tickets to their conference through the Commerce module. I'm looking for a way to easily track tickets sold and specifically track the registration information provided in the product forms (registrant name, contact info, intensive session selection, etc). The default method of downloading order data isn't very efficient or user-friendly to my client who'd like a simple way to see how the conference is selling and what intensive are being selected. Here's the link to the product page for one of the packages end us
  5. Finally I found someone with my exact question! Thanks for the answer paul2009. I have a follow up question. Since it's not currently possible for product forms to be pushed to Google Drive, is there a workaround you recommend? What's the best way to move this kind of form inside the Commerce funnel? Thx in advance. Carter
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