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  1. Hello, Can you exclude certain image designs? I only want this effect on 'Posters"
  2. Site URL: https://www.imexgolvprodukter.squarespace.com Hello, Would like to disable a folder page but still have it visiable on the header nav. Password to page: 3302
  3. Hello, We are a swedish company and prefer to have everything in swedish, when i mean everything i mean: see attached screen shots and explantions below. Attachment 1: The red text you see is in english, and i want it in swedish. Attachment 2: In the form, and you have a name field. Under each box it says "First Name" and "Last Name". This i want for instance in swedish. Is this possible? Basically i want the whole "core" of my squarespace template in swedish. Would appreciate some help!
  4. hello, i cant seem to find where i can make my logo inline with the content inset.
  5. Oh im sorry. www.imexgolvprodukter.squarespace.com pssword: 3302
  6. Hello, I have added a underline when i hover over my menu items. The code being .Header-nav-item::after { content: ''; background: #000; height: 2px; width: 0; display: block; margin-top: 2px !important; transition: width 1s; margin: 0 auto; } .Header-nav-item:hover::after { width: 100%; } Coming from https://thirtyeightvisuals.com/blog/hover-mode-menu-items But as i have made my last item on the nav as a button, i dont want the underlining to appear when i hover on that. Could someone give me a code to exclude this button from the underlining. Thank you!
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