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  1. Sure here is the All product page: https://mandarin-mayflower-322h.squarespace.com/try-now and here the single product page: https://mandarin-mayflower-322h.squarespace.com/try-now Password: VIP2020 Thanks for your help!!
  2. Hi guys! On my e-commerce, the product pages on mobile show the product image really big, which makes the CTA be really bellow the fold. I would like to change the size of the image on the product pages only on mobile (as desktop view is ok). Can someone help me with that :)
  3. Hi guys! I am using the template Hayden and I would like to left align the text on banners which is currently centred only. Anyone knows how to do that ? 🙂 Thanks !
  4. Hi 🙂I am using the template Hayden and I would like to hide the top header that appears on scroll. I still want it visibile when you land on the page, at the top of the page with the navigation menu, but I don't want it to appear sticky at the top when I scroll. Thanks for the help ! 🙂
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