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  1. Oof. I misread that. It works now, so thanks so much. If you don't mind me asking a brief follow up question, is there a way to widen the spacing? Thanks alot
  2. When I try to insert that code, it says "Syntax Error on line 1".
  3. Thanks. It fixed the positioning of the social media links, but for some reason, these changes won't save. When I reload/open the page in a new tab, the social medial links will re-appear to the left of WORK, SERVICES, ABOUT and CONTACT. However, If I go back to Home > Design > Custom CSS, the code will still be there and social medial links will suddenly change back to being to the right of the WORK etc.. Any ideas?
  4. http://www.ca-arch.com/ Can you tell me more about this Flex & Order? Thanks
  5. Hi All, I'm new to Squarespace and I'm currently trying to change the layout of this home page. I would like to re-arrange the social media links so that they are to the right of WORK, SERVICES, ABOUT, and CONTACT. Is there a way to do this that doesn't involve CSS/html? For reference, the layout we're using is Montage. Thanks, - Jonathan
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