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  1. I have a form that collects a few data fields, then has user press "Submit" button. I want to send this data to our backend server (I do not want to use any of the Storage options, as we want our server to take action after the submit). My solution was to add some javascript into the advanced --> POST-SUBMIT HTML area and do a POST to our server, which seems to get called fine when button is pressed: POST-SUBMIT HTML HTML to be rendered in addition to the Post-Submit Message. However, it seems there's no way for me to grab the actual form data entered by the user and send it as part of this POST message to our server. Is there a way to access the form data inside my javascript in the POST-SUBMIT HTML? Or is there another way to do this that I'm not thinking of? Thanks!
  2. Hi, I am fairly new to SquareSpace, so this might be an easy answer. We have an existing site that I wanted to customize using developer mode (we are using a Trial version for the site currently). I enabled developer mode and downloaded the site by cloning our GIT repository. However, the code that's cloned does not have any of our site changes in it. It seems like I'm just cloning a blank site template (no /pages directory, etc). The pages on our site are password protected and in the primary nav area. Is there anything else I must do to be able to edit our site's files (other than enabling developer mode)? You can see the files included in the GIT History in the screenshot attached. As another test, you can see I changed text on the site to say "TEST SITE JUST MODIFIED". The GIT History never shows this change (no push or update).
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