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  1. You absolute legend! Worked perfectly, thank you so much!
  2. Hi tuaphan! Thanks so much for your help so far, everything has been working great, however I have encountered an issue when viewing the website while not logged in, this navigation code seems to get a bit confused. It seems to be hiding the nav on all of the pages except the about page. The sitemap should look as follows: • Home (no secondary nav) • Our Services (no secondary nav) - Native Vegetation (visible secondary nav) - EPBC Survey/Report (visible secondary nav) - Financial Modelling (visible secondary nav) - Business Planning (visib
  3. This has worked beautifully except for one detail; it's placing the default .png perfectly fine until I replace the url with the image I wish to use and then not displaying at all. URL link is https://pasteboard.co/J2QoWRg.jpg (attached below)
  4. Thanks for answering question 2 for me! The first requirement is to have the blue secondary navigation only visible on the pages that it is relevant to — ie; Native Vegetation, EPBC Survey/Report, Financial Modelling, Business Planning, & Application Assistance pages — but hidden on all other pages. Is this possible? Thanks again!
  5. password: web@Blackburn Apologies, forgot I had this password protected.
  6. Site URL: https://blackburnagri.squarespace.com/ Hi! I'm after a little help with setting up some custom code on a website for a client. I'm using the Impact theme, and am hoping to be able to get my hands on some custom code that toggles the visibility of the secondary navigation to hide on all core pages and only appear on service relevant pages (specifically; Native Vegetation, EPBC Survey/ Report, Financial Modelling, Business Planning & Application Assistance. Also, I'd like to place a coloured bar between the body area and the footer area as attached. Any help would
  7. Hi guys! I'm currently putting together a website for a client and am hitting a bit of a hiccup when laying out their team page. I want to stagger the content as follows: Image | Text Text | Image Image | Text etc The layout is working exactly as desired on Desktop, but as most of you can imagine, it becomes problematic on mobile devices. Is there a way, using the mentor theme, that I can inject some css code to reverse the stacking of each 2nd row, without throwing the rest of the website into disarray? Really appreciate any assistance! NB. The url for the
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