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  1. Hello everyone! I am fairly new to Squarespace.... been on for just over 2 weeks now and have almost finished setting up my site! One significant glitch I have come across is that I cannot figure out how to add a second page to the "Shop" ecommerce portion of the site. Is this possible? Thanks. BTW... my website is http://www.agirlsbestfriends.com Thanks for any and all assistance
  2. Hi, Aquillar: Your site is beautiful and elegant... perfect for your business. There were two things I think, however, that I would change a bit. First: your main image at the top of the home page is beautiful and works perfectly, but not a second time below that where you have used it as a background image for a click through. It just seems to make the page look like it has two "banners" or wide stripes across the front page - that seems to break up the page to me so I would try using a different image for the click through, and, make it smaller at both margins (indent the white space). Second: the image of "Follow Us on Instagramis not scaled appropriately and it is annoying to see your face so distorted... do not know how to fix this if it is somehow dependent on Instagram, but it definitely does not do you justice! (The image above where you introduce yourself is perfect. Hope this helps and is what you are looking for. Gem
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