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  1. Here in this screengrab you can see the arrows that are currently on the actual image of the slideshow. I would like them to be outside of the frame of the image. Also, when you hover over the image, the title pops in on the bottom left hand side of the image. I would like that title also to appear (without having to hover over the picture) and outside of the image area.
  2. Oh, Thanks so much for your response, and my apologies for the delay. Here's the link below https://www.creativewellsprings.biz/david-tucker-fine-art-photography
  3. I have the Wells template and I don't want arrows to appear on top of the image, but rather outside of the image. I would use the option that does not have arrows, but it only advances the slideshow forward and not backward. Any suggestions? Also, I would like the titles to appear below the image in the slideshow, not on top of the image when hovering one's cursor over the image. In other words, I would like the title to be under the image all the time.
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