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  1. Hi is there a way to have my store in 2 languages if not what 3rd party integration should I use ? I have looked at shopintegrator.com
  2. Hello Can someone take a look and tell me what I'm missing my image slider is broken https://www.4d-immotek.ch/home-staging
  3. I'm just asking for a way to have 2 icons 1 for french 1 for English
  4. well I still need something to add English and French in a small format in header no browser language detection as my price structure will be different from USA and France
  5. https://www.photolife.ch/new-products This is a test but after checkout I want to redirect to another site where I have a file upload option
  6. Hello I would like to create a button on my checkout page where clients will be redirected to a file upload service after payement
  7. Hi I would like to have a different site title on specific pages of my site instead of John Couper Photographie 1 page would be 4D ImmoTek. how can I do that, www.photolife.ch
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