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  1. I manage to figure it out after a lot of trial and error 🙄 didnt do anything I didnt already tried, or at least I though I tried.. anyway, it is working as we wanted. thx tuanphan for taking your time ☺️
  2. Thank you very much tuanphan, i appreciate your time! 😊 this is our website: https://www.motosumo.com/ as shown above, the frontpage is fine with the right styling/background, but if you go down to the footer and click global reach, the section looses its styling. using the google inspect tool, I can only find the yui id. dont seem to be a block-yui. tried using a block identifier for chrome, but this didnt help either. Again, thank you for helping out! ☺️
  3. Hello all, I´m working on a website for a company called Motosumo. We have stumbled upon some problems with our footer that I hope some of you guys might be able to help me with. The problem being that we have added links to other pages of our website, but the styling does not carry over for some of the pages. Our index site has a /reach and /gym sub-page (slugs) where there is a background color on the mainpage that I would like to carry over when pressing the link in the footer. Here is the main page with the background: and here it is sadly without: What I have tried so far is to customize the css for the block, but ofcourse the yui id changes whenever the site is refreshed and it doesnt seem to have a block id or any static id for that matter. It seems as the link generate a random pop-up. so the question is: Is there some way for me to either giving the link a static block id of make sure that the style carries over when pressing the link? I hope this is enough information, as I am not a keen coding expert or web developer. thx in advance /Dennis
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