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    Trevorjohnston reacted to MarcusAllen in Banner videos not displaying on mobile   
    Exactly the same issues.. It was working perfectly on mobile for a while, with my Iphone 6, then I recentlyupgraded to the Iphone 11ProMax and its just a grey screen :(   So So bad
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    Trevorjohnston reacted to michaelpissed in Banner videos not displaying on mobile   
    This is clearly an issue that is not resolved and is not IOS or Android, browser, or even geographically  related. The mobile fallback images do not even work. this needs to be resolved. 
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    Trevorjohnston reacted to RPAauswebsite in Banner videos not displaying on mobile   
    Yes I have exactly the same issue. It was working now it’s just stopped. Why do we pay for a premium service on Squarespace and this happens my mobile site looks terrible I only noticed yesterday when I upgraded and edited the site
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    Trevorjohnston got a reaction from Christinepmccabe in Background Video not playing on newer iPhones   
    The background video we have for our beautiful new Squarespace site is not displaying on newer versions of iPhones. It shows beautifully on iPhone 8 and under but immediately goes to our mobile background image for iPhone X and higher. 
    Site: https://spinach-lily-444y.squarespace.com/
    Privacy passcode: staff
    Squarespace please help fix this bug!
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    Trevorjohnston reacted to designroomcornwall in Video not playing on iPhone X with version 7.1   
    I'm working on a site using SS 7.1 and I'm having issues with video playing properly on iPhone X. Has anyone else had problems with this and is there a solution? All other devices seem ok now (there were issues recently that seem to have been resolved). Video is hosted on Vimeo.
    Site is https://pendower-beach.squarespace.com
    I can send login password if anyone can help me out with this.
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    Trevorjohnston reacted to bluedev in Video not playing on iPhone X with version 7.1   
    I'm having the same problem with background video hosted by Vimeo. The iPhone X with SS v7.1 are not autoplaying the background video on an index page.  All other iPhones are playing the background video fine.  
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    Trevorjohnston reacted to bluedev in Video not playing on iPhone X with version 7.1   
    Hi Squarespace, if you have any definition of this problem, please let us know. Maybe we can help with creating the solution. 
    Problem symptoms: 
    Squarespace 7.1 iPhone X (Google Pixel 4 may be a problem too, needs confirmation) All other phones work Background video hosted at Vimeo  Background video does not auto play, only fallback image loads More background
    Low power mode off, phones fully charged No console errors detected Vimeo adaptive bitrates working on other devices The endpoints confirmed to work as expected iPad Pro, iPad, Chrome Mac, Chrome PC, Edge, Safari Chrome dev simulator of Google and Apple mobile devices. Safari dev simulator of Apple devices.  
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    Trevorjohnston reacted to hwitherspoon in YouTube banner video not loading on mobile device and fallback image does not show either   
    I just went live with a website (www.providancepac.com) and I'm having several issues with the YouTube banner videos not loading both on mobile devices and one in Chrome on MacBook Pro.
    On IPhone in Safari the Video does not load and fallback image is a solid color. On Samsung phone in Chrome video will play but I have to click the website logo and then video plays but not always. On Ipad in Safari & Chrome fallback image shows but no video. On Macbook Pro in Chrome video does not play until I reload the site by clicking the logo. Not finding a fix for these issues in the forum topics I have searched so far. Any suggestions are much appreciated.
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    Trevorjohnston reacted to rhdorsey in Banner videos not displaying on mobile   
    Thanks, Colin! The three attributes you listed first, are those OS settings that I have no control over or are those setting that should be selected in Vimeo to make the video compatible? 
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