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  1. mede it public for now www.lariemilio.com
  2. here you go https://flatworm-kazoo-5rlm.squarespace.com/config
  3. I'm having the same issue as Mudit but this code is not helping. I want the page description only to show in the homepage and nowhere else, is this what this line of code is suppose to be doing am I understanding it wrong?
  4. I'm using the Henson template for my personal portfolio, I really like the simple homepage that only shows the page description. The only problem I have with the template is that the description also shows up at the end of every page on top of images making it unreadable and quite messy. Is there a way, using custom code, to only have the description show in the homepage and nowhere else? or alternatively is there a way to fill in the text with a solid color? Thanks
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