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  1. Hi there @rapgamestevejobs and @tuanphan , My apologies as I am new to squarespace but I have been designing websites for quite a while (like 10 years). Being said in 7.1 version seems not to work, first of all there is no "code" block (as far I have seen) second, when you add the link to the navigation (pages) by using /#anchor-name it won't scroll not even when using that CSS parameter you wrote. So I wonder how come you make it work? Are you sure you are using 7.1? the only way to do it was to use JS but the problem is that in mobile the mobile menu won't hide, and while I was trying
  2. I am new to squarespace but not new to designing websites, I have been doing it for quite a while now. On this first experience I am finding my way to adjust to its limitations and understand how this works. However, now I have a problem that I am not sure how to solve: The headlines of my site are sometimes not rendering using the correct font: Neue Hass Grotesk. The only way I can fix the issue is going to the config mode/design/fonts, when I am in that section of the config mode the site fixes the issue, however if I move away from that mode there is a big chance it won't load the
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