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  1. As a follow up, how do I make the description to show up on mobile view by default, like the desktop initial view?
  2. Thanks MagneM. Exactly what I am trying to do. 😉
  3. I have included your line in the Page Header Code Injection area. I thought the following will do the trick, but it does not. What am I missing?
  4. Hi all, Site URL: https://www.brookebuilt.com/ The home page contains a gallery. 2 images have description. On select images, there is a info icon at top right corner. When clicked, the image shrinks and description slides out. Now I want to have the description showing up WITHOUT clicking the info icon. I don't find any settings regarding the info icon behaviour. I also tried to inject jQuery to simulate the click, but the debug console gave me this error: Thanks for your help in advance.
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