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  1. Hello @jammajish! I'm wondering if you've got this code to work on your project. I'm looking to achieve this same look within the medium link you posted. Please let me know. Thanks!
  2. Site URL: http://www.andyancreative.co/work-2 Hello! I need help writing code to restart a gif on hover within the index thumbnails. I'm working on my portfolio and the block I'm trying to target is the logo collection block on http://www.andyancreative.co/work-2 (second row on the right). I have the image changing to a gif on hover but would like the gif to restart every time when you're hovering over it. I'm not sure css code or javascript is needed but thanks in advance!
  3. Hello there! I need help on adding css code to change the index thumbnail to another image while on hover. I've been trying to write/locate the css code on my own but I'm having no luck. Here's my wip portfolio page with the thumbnails: http://www.andyancreative.co/work-2 Thanks!
  4. Thanks @christyprice for the quick replies! Really appreciate it, however the link is still showing up for me, when I include the full code. Here's a screenshot of where I'm placing it at.
  5. Thanks @christyprice Your suggestion worked! However, there's some code which I believe is the link title that shows up. Is there a way to hide that without hiding the widget button? I added the code to my personal website and here's a screenshot.
  6. Hello there, Has anybody implemented a resy widget before? Is there a way to have the widget live on the nav bar? I have it install below the carousel https://www.nyumbai.com/ but would love to house it on the nav bar. I believe there's some way by installing scripts and tagging an anchor tag to link on the nav bar, but have yet to figure out what the code is. Thank you in advance!
  7. Hello, I need help putting code to resize an image on mobile to appear larger. The site is https://www.nyumbai.com/ and it's the image on the right on the footer. The format looks fine on desktop but once in mobile, the image appears small and not the full width to the mobile screen that'd I want. Thanks in advance!
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