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    is_sb reacted to MGDC in FORTE Template - Gallery Arrows   
    I'm noticing for the Forte template that the slideshow arrow (either the left or the right) remain visible while the slideshow is playing, even if the cursor is closer to the center... It only seems to disappear ONLY if u just enter the page & don't move ur mouse (and also that it's position is not near the left or right arrow)... In Mac, when refreshing the page & then not moving the mouse whatsoever (the cursor will be a black arrow), the slideshow arrows disappear, only to show just the visuals of the photos... If u nudge ur mouse even a little (which turns the cursor from a black arrow to a white glove/hand) then the arrows never go away, unless u refresh again...
    Anybody find a work-around for this? Also, is it possible to change the style of the arrows? I'd much rather a white-fill arrow with not box containing it. Thanks
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    is_sb got a reaction from christyprice in Hide Social Media Icons from Main Navigation   
    Got it! I would put in a new social media icon and it would make the navigation icon reappear, but if I went back into the site styles, it only removed the icon in the navigation bar.
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    is_sb reacted to christyprice in Hide Social Media Icons from Main Navigation   
    This depends on which template you’re using and how the icon was added. If you post a link, someone can help you out. 
    In some of the templates, you’d go to Design > Site Styles. When you are in that section, click on the social media icon in your header, then you’ll see the option to hide it from navigation.  But that’s only some of the templates. 
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    is_sb reacted to colin.irwin in Forte Site Title Alignment   
    Try adding this to the custom css area after any other code that may already be there
    @media only screen and (min-width: 641px) { #headerWrapper header .wrapper { display: flex; width: 100%; justify-content: flex-end; #logo { display: inline-block; } #topNav { display: inline-block; } } }  
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