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  1. Yes, still not fixed. Any CSS suggestions would be helpful.
  2. Hi! I saw no one replied to your post, but when I look on your website you seem to have solved the issue of removing the background on the arrows. Can you share how you did it?
  3. Yes, http://www.kupiecarchitects.com/in-the-works
  4. I'm working on having a gallery to show images of work under construction. In just the gallery mode, the images sit nicely on the page. But when the image is clicked on to enlarge, the image and the exit button are overlapped behind my navigation bar, and it looks messy. There are a few solutions I have but I have no idea how to execute them. 1. Disable enlarging the images entirely 2. When images are enlarged and opaque white background covers the everything except the image and the image navigation 3. When image is enlarged, have it not as big and have the exit button low
  5. Got it! I would put in a new social media icon and it would make the navigation icon reappear, but if I went back into the site styles, it only removed the icon in the navigation bar. cheers
  6. Currently social media icons show up in the header with the main navigation. When I select to hide the icon, it doesn't allow me to use the icon anywhere else on the site. I only want these icons to occur in certain pages and not a part of the main navigation. Any ideas of CSS or magic configurations of settings?
  7. Thank you! So additionally, the alignment of the site title's center appears to align with the bottom row of the navigation. How do I have both align along the bottom?
  8. I am using the Forte template and am looking for css to move the title to align over with the navigation bar on the right instead of on the default, left.
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