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  1. Yes but I transferred it to squarespace so should it not just connect? There's no other instruction other than connect it or transfer it, if I understand
  2. while the domain is still being transferred, the site I published is not up but rather in its place, an old site someone did. Will my site replace this or must I do something other than publish the site? In regular html, I would upload to the server and htmls would be over-written
  3. Thanks, why do you not recommend using developer mode?
  4. now that I am in this I don't know what the template is called, I see I have a few options in the left hand menus but notsure if I am allowed to see the code and modify it, or perhaps I need a business account? I'm used to building from the ground up so not sure what options are available
  5. New here, trying to change the links and font on the top banner and unable to. I know how to write code but can't even find where the code is to alter it. The pop up menus just alter positions. Thanks
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