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  1. Thanks! What ended up working in case others have the same question: <style> a#thumb-amore-monument-m263z-lh73s-3slse-sk8mj .product-price { display:none !important;}</style> Added in the page header code injection for the product page.
  2. Thanks! I'm building it for someone--- it looks like the class is product-price.
  3. @tuanphan-- sorry for the delay-- the site is not quite live, but almost-- any advice if I cannot yet share the page?
  4. @justgoodjuju thanks for your reply! Sorry I missed your reply to this... yes, I ended up doing the exact same thing. Hidden 'Templates.'
  5. @tuanphan Thanks for your amazing posts on the forum. I was able to get half of my answer to the above from an old post of yours. Any chance you can check out my question and perhaps provide an answer as to how to get the price to remove from the product page? Thank you!!!
  6. Hi All, Thanks to some research in the forum (see below) I have removed the price from a single product detail page, but it is still showing up on the product page (See photos below showing both) Working code for removing from product detail page: <style> body#item-5df95272c2039c3981d881da .product-price { display:none !important;} </style> How can I get the price to disappear from the product page as well? I have tried (but it didn't work): <style> body#item-5df95272c2039c3981d881da #productList .product-price { display:none !important;}
  7. Hi Paul, Thank you! Are you able to share the code that would work for that? Thanks! Rachel
  8. It would be much better if I were able to modify it over time, so if there is code for this, please let me know!
  9. That is correct! Right now most of my product details pages have no information in the "additional info" section. I'd like to add the information in the image below to ALL of my product detail pages (60+) for the artist Ken Rowe (all his art is on one product page). So I'd like to add a summary slider, a text box with text linked to a bio page, and a photo of the artist to the bottom of each product detail page. The information can be identical for each page, so I want to know if there is a way to do it to all product detail pages at once. Thanks! Rachel
  10. Great question! I have a similar one.. Colin, is there a script I can use so that an "add to cart" (.sqs-add-to-cart-button-wrapper) button does nothing when clicked on (ie. does not add anything to a cart or change text)? I'd like to change the text on these buttons to "Please Call ##" and make them unclickable. Thank you!!! Rachel
  11. Thanks, ThompsonWebDesign! Perhaps someone will reply with a code solution!
  12. Hello, I'm building an ecommerce site for our gallery (still unpublished)-- We have 13 product pages representing 13 artists, and each of those pages has 5 to 60 product detail pages associated with it. I'd like to bulk update the product detail pages for each artist, adding an artist bio to the page. I know I can individually update the detail pages on the "additional info" section of the product detail page. Since I will be putting the same info on each detail page for each artists, is there a way to mass update the "additional info" section for all product detail pages belonging
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