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  1. Hello everyone! My question is: can I add custom colors for each individual page in my navigation menu? (the pictures I used here are from https://theklog.co/ , for reference) If I change the color from Site Styles, it would change the color all over the website. Color coding would be super helpful for my website as it would help me organize better my content.
  2. Thank you for your prompt response. My question is, is it feasible? Would it be a complicate task to achieve?
  3. Hello community! Before asking any question I want to clarify that I have 0 coding experience whatsoever, but I am pretty savvy and can follow instructions easily. My question is: Can someone tell me if it's possible to add category icons like the ones in this picture to my Squarespace articles? The link for the website is https://theklog.co/ . As you can tell, they are not a part of the picture, they appear when a post is added to that specific category. Green bottle for "skincare", blue bottle for "the basics" etc.
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