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  1. Thank you both for looking into this. I've since managed to make some progress on this page and get a different animation running by implementing the code below: <section class="wrapper"> <h1 class="sentence">We are <div class="slidingVertical"> <span>Translators.</span> <span>Copywriters.</span> <span>Editors-at-large.</span> <span>Technologists.</span> <span><b>LOGOS.</b></span> </div> </h1> </section> <st
  2. Hey all, I am trying to add a "typing" animation to a headline, kind of like SS used to have on its home page, so that a series of words replace each other in a continous rotation to give the impression they were being typed directly on the page (see example here). I installed the code, CSS and JavaScript from CodyHouse, which seems to be working in part, but cannot get the animation to actually work and replace each word. This is the page I'm working on. I think it might be an issue with SquareSpace not running the JavaScript properly but I'm not sure how to fix it. Any ideas?
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