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  1. Title says it all. I would like to be able to add text with some of my images. For example, if a shot an assignment, it would be nice to have a brief description of what the assignment was. The best solution I have as of now is just to make the text in photoshop, save it, and upload it. This brings up some issues for resolution and matching fonts. Is there a better way?
  2. Hey all, I display a lot of my work in sets, and I can't figure out a solution on how to do this using galleries. I attached a screenshot from my site's homepage that I was able to set up using boxes. I'm curious how I can do something similar on pages that I need to be able to click through from image(s) to image(s). Is there a way to display images like so with galleries? If not, what are my best options. I'm considering organizing my photos using Photoshop canvas, but I'm afraid this will affect resolution. Any other ideas? Thanks!
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