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  1. Hello, I have been stuck on something for a few hours now and figured it was time to ask the community! Here is the site link: https://sullysuave.com I am trying to hide the 'BIO' portion from the navigation bar without striking it completely from the site. Has anyone else run into a similar problem?
  2. HALP, I've been stuck on this all day, so now I'm reaching out (-: My portfolio site: jordandixon.co On the home page > two galleries 'DESIGN' & 'CODE' I would like to hide the index-title upon hover but I'm unsure I'm able to... Here's all my CSS thus far: <style> #index-section-design .index-item-title {opacity: .9 !important;} #index-section-design .index-item-title .index-item-title-link:hover {display: none !important;} #Footer{display: none !important;} </style> I'm using the 'York' template (if that information is valuable) Anyone else run into this problem? Appreciate any help in advance!
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