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Posts posted by Satori2046

  1. Hey @tuanphan, thanks for the reply,

    I found a way but it really is not the proper way, I simply created 15 dozen empty pages to push them away haha

    If you have a proper code that would make it, Id love that. 

    Also I had an optional question, how is it possible to make a hover effect on a whole gallery block ?  But I might post this question in a different topic. 

    Thanks !




  2. Hello friends,

    I'm using the Wexley template and of course now I realise I can't add Instagram and social medial button on the main navigation (upper right)

    I've posted a capture of the area I would like the buttons to appear. 

    Thanks for any help, it's driving me nuts. : /

    Cheers !


  3. Hello Friends,

    I'm having issues trying to resize my videos blocks and make them bigger. 

    Normally from what I understood I should add some spacer on each size and then be able to adjust the size of the video. 

    Problem is I can't seem to add anything on the page except on the bottom of the page for this example.  

    Any ideas ? Thanks !


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