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  1. Site URL: https://octagon-garlic-ejcr.squarespace.com/ Link : https://octagon-garlic-ejcr.squarespace.com/ Password : sonatine Hello friends, I'm almost done with my brand new website, but there are still a few things I would love to correct. 1/ So for each section, all the thumbnails (an actuall image gallery) are linked to my video projects. Problem is, people need to actually go to the video page to see the actual title. Is there a way I can make a hover effect on each thumnail pic so that when someone place the cursor on it, the title appears ? 2/ There's a slight issue with the spacing between thumbnails on the "fashion film" page. These are my main two issues before it's completed. I added two captures describing the two issues. Thanks a lot for your help, hopefully I can release my website pretty soon. Kinds regards
  2. Hello friends, Is it possible to have a video loop background on my homepage instead of the actuall gallery ? I would also like people to be able to click on this loop video to launch a specific video instead. https://octagon-garlic-ejcr.squarespace.com/ / mdp : sonatine I have a vimeo pro account if that helps for the video uploads. Thanks in advance !
  3. Hello friends, I dont seem to find the option to have an hover effect on the three main galleries of my website : music video / fashion film and commercial I guess I need to inject a css code in order to make it happen ? What I want to is when I pass the mouse over one of the picture, the picture become a bit gray (or whatever) and the title appears on it. Website : https://octagon-garlic-ejcr.squarespace.com/music-videos / Pass : sonatine Any hints ? Thanks again !
  4. You are a fantastic man, thank you !
  5. Hello again, Sorry but I just realise that this code actually messed up all my other gallerirs in my website : / Anyway to have this code only affect this gallery and thats it ? Thanks !
  6. Looks like its working ! You guys are fantastic !
  7. Hey Tuanphan ! Thanks again for your help, really appreciate it. https://octagon-garlic-ejcr.squarespace.com/ Password : sonatine
  8. Hi there, I have an issue with the spacing between the thumbnails of my gallery Is there a way for me to have the exact same spacing like seen on the picture ? Thanks a bunch !
  9. It works perfectly thanks, just one thing though, I wanted the "about" link to be also on the right side. 😛
  10. @tuanphan It worked ! But I need to push even further away. What part of the code should I switch to find the right "distance" ? Thanks a bunch and here's a pic of the result :
  11. Hey @tuanphan, thanks for the reply, I found a way but it really is not the proper way, I simply created 15 dozen empty pages to push them away haha If you have a proper code that would make it, Id love that. Also I had an optional question, how is it possible to make a hover effect on a whole gallery block ? But I might post this question in a different topic. Thanks !
  12. Thanks for the help ! Thats a screenshot just in case somebody would know the trick. Social icons should be on the right size, not attached to the main links.
  13. It actually worked ! Thanks but now how can I change its position further on the right ? Thanks for the help !
  14. Hello friends, I'm using the Wexley template and of course now I realise I can't add Instagram and social medial button on the main navigation (upper right) I've posted a capture of the area I would like the buttons to appear. Thanks for any help, it's driving me nuts. : / Cheers !
  15. Thats it ! Thank you so much Mylene ! 🙂 Have a great day.
  16. Hello Friends, I'm having issues trying to resize my videos blocks and make them bigger. Normally from what I understood I should add some spacer on each size and then be able to adjust the size of the video. Problem is I can't seem to add anything on the page except on the bottom of the page for this example. Any ideas ? Thanks !
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