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  1. I went with the annual plan back in May of 2019 and just started making a new design for it earlier last month. I have had no issues except for the fbclid portion of the URL.
  2. Honestly painful I can't get the benefits of squarespace's fast network at all when everyone visits my website using our Facebook Page and any links to our website on Facebook. Please pardon my language but this random crap at the end of the domain's url makes many of my users uneasy thinking it's us tracking them when we don't do that at all - I actually turned squarespace's analytics off and much to my amazement I still get this odd junk at the end of the URL. We just use it for the station coming soon page as this station is coming soon & we plan to use it for our station when it launches and we don't like the idea of this random text at the end I see there's a place to actually redirect URLs in my advanced settings of that squarespace area but will that work here too or just for URL's that don't exist anymore which in this case isn't even an issue. . https://www.iankhoman.com/?fbclid=IwAR3MRl7x7XHKlBqWpYGitxoUiVGS2Q_Qv05AQ9YShBJSWYALRG8fklpDHUw
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