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  1. Site URL: https://sunny-sundays.com/getbalmy/naked Hi, The quantity form field is showing up on this product details page (https://sunny-sundays.com/getbalmy/getbalmy) but not on this page (https://sunny-sundays.com/getbalmy/naked) and I don't know why. I've indicated for both pages that I want the quantity to appear, but it's not on both. How can I fix this? Thanks!
  2. Hi @ThompsonWebDesign. The subfolder has stopped working. I went on the forum and saw that others are experiencing this issue as well. Are you aware of a fix for it? Thanks!
  3. this worked! thank you! @ThompsonWebDesign
  4. thank you @thompsonwebdesign! one more thing: the page "get balmy" is repeated twice (see attachment)--in the top nav and sub nav. how can i have it only appear once--in the top nav only? in the sub nav, i only want "stockists" as an option. thanks again!
  5. Hi @ThompsonWebDesign. I don't understand. How can I change an existing page to a folder page?
  6. Hi @tuanphan, I need your help again.How can I change an existing page a folder page?
  7. Thanks, @ThompsonWebDesign! That worked. But now I have a new blank page (folder). How do I make an existing page into a folder? Or how can I copy all of the contents of an existing page onto the folder page? Once I do that, then I will add the sub page in that folder.
  8. @tuanphan, I just clicked the "like" button. One more thing: how can I make the images smaller on mobile, too?
  9. Hi, how can I make a subpage (sub nav item) using the Brine template? I've attached an example of a website who does this (New Arrivals is a sub page of New). Thanks!
  10. Hi, How can I make the image on the Product Details Page on the Brine eCommerce template smaller?
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