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  1. Wow! Thank you for the info. I get nervous trying to fix stuff like this myself. Do you know of anyone that I can hire for one-off jobs like this?
  2. I guess I am not certain. Is there a way to check on that using the one image that is still working? Actually, since the other image is still there, and all images would presumably be in the same location, I would hope/guess the hosting website is still in good order.
  3. Hi Brandon. Thank you for the info. The Squarespace site is good through mid next year, so that's weird! Also, we haven't (and don't ever) make structural changes to the website. How do images disappear on their own? Thanks again for taking the tie to look into this and reply!
  4. Hello All - We hired a developer to build our site. She used some custom CSS to add images over color blocks. We noticed that two of the three images are no longer showing on the homepage and we cannot figure out how to get them back! Tried using the "Inspect" feature on Chrome to compare the working vs non-working images and noticed that one of the return values for the non-working image is "=$0", while the remaining working image actually has a value. Not sure if this means anything at all. Any help at all is super appreciated. Website URL: https://www.scienceoffoodchoice.com/
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