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  1. Here's the solution: https://help.eyeo.com/adblockplus/block-social-media-icons-tracking You have to turn off the "Block social media icons tracking" in the Adblock Settings.
  2. I just encountered this on my site and a client site as well. Not only was it blocking the social icons, it was also blocking the social icon content block in the editor as well. Baffling.
  3. Alright, I'll have to put some thought into that. I have the collection id as: #collection-5a6bb55724a694229817f615 and the block as #block-yui_3_17_2_58_1517004475609_23385, but how to tag each photo for categories is stumping me.
  4. So essentially it would code on the grid, or would be injected into the header? Can you inject classes onto individual images in a grid? B
  5. I see. Might be a little too much for me to implement. I have it sort of working, I'm not afraid to dive into CSS, but I'm not sure I've gotten into custom coding before. I've used code injection before, but that's about as deep as I've gotten.
  6. Yes, exactly what I'm looking for. I just built out something that's working, but a little bit of a pain to manage, would be great if there was an easier way than managing 6 different pages. https://www.bryantcoffey.com/all-work2
  7. Could it be as simple as adding a line from the plus menu and dragging it where you want it? I've done it on my site at various spots on my gallery page. Thoughts? www.bryantcoffey.com/work B
  8. Hi all, First time on Squarespace Forum. I have a portfolio site at www.bryantcoffey.com/work and I'm hoping to figure out a way to add categories to my image grid. Something like: All Work | Corporate | Travel | Documentary | etc. Then, I'm hoping that the image grid would shuffle around the relevant grid items for each category. I tried creating separate pages for the work and then linking them, but unfortunately it's clunky as it has to reload the entire page each time. Searching online and in the forums hasn't yielded any results yet for me, but I'll keep searching.
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