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  1. thanks @tuanphan It's www.recoveringfromwithin.com moksha template
  2. Hi, I created my site and I was optimally hoping to have my main nav links all line up at the top of my website directly above the wide image in the header. The template I have only offers options to place the nav links on the left or right at the top, which I was okay with, since I have 6 links total, 3 on each side of my logo. When I publish the site though and view it on a laptop, the very first top left link and the second left nav link end up on the same line. It looks life an error when published. Can you help me correct this? Ideally I'd love the first scenario I described where all the links are lined up across the top horizontally centered or flush right. If that's not possible, I'd love to at least get the top two nav links to not be on the same line and to instead sit on their own lines as they do in my desktop and tablet design preview. Thanks for your help,
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