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  1. @Farmette Helen. Thanks for the help! I discovered that I needed to change max-height to min-height in order to achieve the right dimensions for my banner. It works, but I have a follow up question! Is there something I can do if I want the banner on one page to have a min-height: 100px and a banner on a different page to have a min-height: 200px This is the code I have entered in my custom CSS under Design: .view-list .banner-thumbnail-wrapper, .collection-type-page .banner-thumbnail-wrapper, .collection-type-index .banner-thumbnail-wrapper {min-height: 100px;} Any tips??
  2. Can I use mark down to change from one heading to different heading in the same line? For example, if the all caps words are heading 3 and the other text is normal can I do something like this: THE SQUARESPACE COMMINITY is really helpful answering my questions. How can I do something like this using markdown?
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