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  1. Hi all 🙂 I'm getting some troubles with adding some css code to the main page, I read couple articles that I can't add it without code injection which actually isn't working. Everything is fine on the other pages except the head page where all the code is written at the top of the site. Did I missed something ? I tried with different manners like <style> ... </style> but it also isn't working 😕 Thanks for your answers, Best regards,
  2. Sorry tought I replied to you on the previous comment.. here's my answer from last time : When I click on the thumbnail of the first image, I would like it opens a gallery where I could write some infos about the project and also get the others images that the client sees the whole project in a gallery, not specificly a carousel (I know how the change the design but not how to get Thumbnail that opens a new gallery on a new page or into a new "canvas"). Thanks for your answer buddy.
  3. Hi everybody, I'm new user on squarespace and I would like to create an images galery. How is it possible to get different "thumbnail" on a front page, after clicking on it, it opens a new galery with the images of the selected project with details. I joined some images to help my unfortunate explanation. Many thanks for your help Antoine
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