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  1. If no one has the answer, does anyone have any ideas which other sites might be worth asking? thanks everyone. Mark
  2. Hello, I am trying to make the logo on my newsletters/email blasts BIGGER! I am sure that its a css solution I need, if its possible... I dont want the logo to be any bigger on the rest of the site, but the emails I send out look weird at the size they are! I know how you can increase the size in the style section to the right when I am editing, but that doesn't go big enough (pic attached beneath)... does anyone have any clever coding? its a Wells template. many thanks you genius people! Mark
  3. Hi, I have noticed that on mobile devices, my image descriptions are showing beneath the images. This used to happen on the desktop view, but I added some CSS which stopped it happening (someone on this forum showed me what to do!). Is there a way to stop it on mobile devices also? the site is www.markboltonphotography.co.uk Many thanks in advance, you are such a clever lot! Mark
  4. Hi there, thanks for posting that snippet. Thats fantastic! it worked perfectly. Cheers! Mark
  5. Hello, I am using wells, and am very happy with the way it looks, but when you click individual images in the gallery, the title and description are displayed next to the image. I want to turn that off. I am happy having the title there, but no need for the description. Is there a way to do this? many thanks, Mark
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