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  1. FWIW, I've re-pinged Support about it and mentioned that it's an active topic on the Answers Forum. They say they're working on the problem but that they want to make sure it's right before rolling out a fix. Must be something subtle and/or difficult for them to take this long. I guess, in the meantime, we can post directly to our LinkedIn timelines. An extra step but probably better than ignoring that resource. Thanks for letting me know that I'm not the only one who's stuck. --M
  2. Thanks for the replies, folks. I've contacted Squarespace Support and, after going into a bit more detail with them, received acknowledgement that a) this is a known problem and b) that they're working on it. Sounds like the fix is not obvious. I'll try to update my query to Support w/ a suggestion that they look at this thread. robleon's post is pretty interesting and might contain clues.
  3. Over the past several days, I've tried multiple times to connect my Squarespace site (mcglaviano.com) to LinkedIn. Each time the process starts out okay. It seems to accept my login info. But then I receive the following message: Authentication Failure Connecting to LinkedIn is temporarily down. Please try again later. The message seems to come from Squarespace rather than from LinkedIn. Anyone else had this problem? Is there a workaround? Thanks! --M
  4. Though I'm primarily a novelist, I also write short stories and was thinking that a good way to encourage potential readers to visit my site would be to occasionally post short stories to my site. I'd want them to be in a separate area. Is a blog a good way to accomplish this? Some sort of gallery page? An index? The various options seem manifold, and I'd like to avoid running down a rathole to a sub-optimal solution. Very new at Squarespace, so please excuse my lack of knowledge. Thanks for your suggestions & help. Regards,Michael
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