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  1. Hi @tuanphan there is no upvote button available next to the grey box with the code in it. Suggest you take a look at this message trail and if you see an upvote button next to the coding please go ahead and vote. Thanks hope this helps.
  2. The system is not generating a facility to upvote like before... it's really annoying!! See attached screenshots.
  3. Thanks a million! It worked. Sorry about my earlier message about asking for clarification again - my bad. I didn't read your reply correctly when you wrote 'important' - doh!
  4. Hi @tuanphan ever so sorry but you didn't indicate which code to use. You have sent two different versions product-price { display: none !important; }or .product-price { display: none; } I understand to add to cart Thanks.
  5. Hi @tunanphan ever so sorry but you didn't indicate which code to use. You have sent two different versions of the remove pricing code. product-price { display: none !important; } OR.product-price { display: none; }I understand to add to cartThanks
  6. Hi @tuanphan sorry to hassle you again thanks for the code to remove the pricing information, however you have sent 2 different versions of the code. Firstly which code is correct? THe first time you sent:.product-price { display: none; } and the second time:product-price { display: none !important; }Which is the correct one please? Secondly the CSS editor still contains the very first code you sent to remove the add to cart button. Do I add the remove pricing code to it or delete the remove cart code first? Again sorry for the hassle but your reply will be very much appreciated. Thanks.
  7. @tuanphan Thanks very much for the code. Do I add into the custom CSS window like before? The window still contains the code for the remove cart button. Do I add it to that or delete that code first?
  8. Hi @tuanphan your code to remove the add to cart button worked for which I am very grateful. May I request please your assistance on another item on our site which is to remove the pricing information as well please? I can alter the type of currency but there seems to be no option to completely remove it. The site can be found at: https://maracas-bellflower-9r2y.squarespace.comI've attached a screen shot from the Gallery page for your reference.Once again thanks very much.
  9. Apologies @tuanphan my bad.The site is at:link text Really appreciate any assistance.I'm totally new to this forum so I hope I've done it right.Thanks very much.
  10. Hi Do any coders out there know how to remove the add to cart button in the OM template Please? I understand from squarespace help that its only possible using custom code. Also I'd be really grateful for a description pf the steps to be taken as I'm a complete novice. Thanks very much.
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