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  1. Thanks so much for all your support 🙂
  2. Sadly, it's not working... quick question - why did you put 'container 17' within the code?
  3. Hi, These are codes I currently have, however (as I mentioned) I didn't add OpenTable widget but instead I've placed a code (see below as an example). Therefore, probably that is why below codes don't work. /* open table block */ div.sqs-block-opentable-v2 .squarespace-opentable-new-age-wrapper { padding: 0px; } #ot-reservation-widget { font-family: "Lora", Times, serif !important; } #ot-reservation-code { font-family: "Lora", Times, serif !important; alingment: center; } div.sqs-block-opentable-v2 .squarespace-opentable-button-wrapper .ot-
  4. Instead of placing OpenTable widget from '+' components option I have put it as a code (as I wanted trackable code to be implemented). Does this help?
  5. Thanks bangank36 - the height worked however alignment doesn't and still can't customise this code section. Any ideas / suggestions will be greatly appreciated 🙂
  6. Site URL: https://www.thechurchillbar.co.uk/ Hi All, I am looking for a custom code to personalise OpenTable section on our website. It is added as a code (not widget). Any recommendations? Tried couple of codes but they didn't seem to work. Additionally, I am not sure why it's displaying such a wide space underneath - any ideas? Thanks in advance!
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